Friday, December 17, 2010

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Past Advisability Dialogs

Students read and considered the situation below and then wrote these dialogs using the grammar form for past advisability:
Alberto's Project
Jose's Project
Carmen's Project
Martha's Project
Antonio's Project
Alicia's Project
Maria's Project

Dung's Project
Hoa's Project
Vivian's Project

Mario said good-bye to his friends at school and started heading for home. He was in a great mood. He had six weeks off from school for winter break, he had just been promoted to Level 7. Things couldn’t be better. He turned his iPod up and smiled. As he passed the last row of stores before the hill leading to his house something caught his eye at the bank. Something was sticking out of the ATM machine. As he got closer, he saw it was cash.
Mario looked around. There was nobody. No cars, nobody walking nearby. Someone must have just used the machine and then forgotten to take the money. Whoever had used the ATM machine was gone now. He walked over to the machine and took the money out: $60. There was also a receipt sticking out.
Mario looked around again. Still no one. He could turn the money in at the bank tomorrow—it was closed now anyway. But, really, it was 60 bucks! Probably not much to the customer, but it would make a difference as to how many Christmas gifts he could get for his family.. or new music for his iPod.
Does it really count if you only do something like this once? Mario thought this over. It’s not like he’s a thief or anything. Someone messed up by leaving the cash there in the first place. He felt pretty good about taking it. It’s a one-time deal…. and no one ever needs to know. He put the money in his pocket, crumpled up the receipt, and walked away.
As the next song started playing, Mario remembered something his grandfather always said, “Every time you lie, you get closer to being a liar.” But this wasn’t the same thing. Was it? He turned up the volume and headed up the hill to home.

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